September 29, 2020

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In “WESTCHESTER COUNTY NEWS FOR WESTCHESTER BUSINESSES: Westchester County Business First Grant Program,” we go over the new grant program for Westchester businesses and nonprofits. Many of us have been searching for NY small business grants and money for nonprofits since our economy was closed, so I hope you are able to take advantage of the Westchester County Business First Grant Program for your organization.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY BUSINESS FIRST GRANT PROGRAM WEBSITE (scroll down and click apply to access the application): https://westchestercatalyst.com/busin…

WESTCHESTER COUNTY BUSINESS FIRST GRANT PROGRAM FAQ: https://westchestercatalyst.com/image…

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Westchester Businesses and Nonprofits, If you’ve been looking for New York small business grants, then this is the video for you. Welcome back and welcome home. My name’s Justin your local Bronx and Westchester REALTOR. And if you’re a first time viewer and you wanna keep getting weekly updates on the home selling process, home buying advice, or Important Community Updates, be sure to slam that subscribe button, and the bell next to it, so you don’t miss anything. With that being said, in important Westchester County News: The Westchester County Executive George Latimer recently announced that there is a new Grant Program for small businesses and nonprofits that were adversely impacted by COVID-19. So the Westchester Government is now offering the Westchester County Business First Grant Program, that has $10 million in funds. For businesses and nonprofits that qualify, you may receive up to $49,000 in grant money. This can go towards rent or mortgage payments, employee salaries or benefits, working capital, equipment and other COVID-19 related expenses. Now, if you have any questions about this program, drop them in the comments below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. In terms of eligibility, there are various factors that you have to satisfy. Let’s go over a few of them. You have to have been in business by February 1st, 2020 and financially viable by March 7th, 2020, when Governor Cuomo declared a disaster emergency in New York State. Your small business or nonprofit has to employ 99 or fewer employees. And you have to be adversely effected by COVID-19 leading to at least a 25% decline in gross revenue for March 7th, 2020 to present. You have to be open for business with plans to remain open or temporarily closed and are planning to reopen in 2020. Primarily located in Westchester County and locally owned and operated. And of course you can’t be behind on any county fees, taxes, or licenses. If you like what you’re hearing so far, be sure to slam that like button for us. Now this program is not first-come, first-served. They are scoring applications on various factors, including need, employment, how long have you been in business, use of the funds and impact on the Westchester Business Community? The application is simple and straight forward. So if we’re scrolling through here, we see that it’s only 30 questions, 30 questions flat, and you can submit. So my advice, get to the application and submit it as soon as possible. The deadline to apply for these funds is September 30th, 2020. That is only a few days away. Now the link to the program website, which will lead you directly to the application, is down in the comments and descriptions below. I also put a link to the FAQ so you can have more questions answered right away. There’s another video that will be popping up that I’m letting YouTube recommend for you if you’d like to stick around and watch that. Of course, if you know anyone that can benefit from this video, please be sure to share it with them. And lastly folks, make sure to slam that subscribe button, so you can keep getting the real on real estate. Thanks again and I’ll see you next time.