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How To Sell A Home: Step 9 – Easy, Relaxed Inspection

As you may know, you will most likely have a buyer conduct an inspection when selling a home. The point of an inspection is for the buyer to determine what issues may be present in the home, negotiate for repairs to satisfy themselves (and the appraiser if a mortgage is ...

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How To Sell A Home: Step 8 – Supremely Competitive Offers Wanted

After all our showings and open houses (assuming, of course, that we priced in the sweet spot and used aggressive marketing), we should be looking forward to having multiple offers on a house. We can now review the offer price and terms that each buyer has submitted and you can ...

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How To Sell A Home: Step 2 – Selling In The Sweet Spot

How much is my house worth is a question you should have answered at your meeting with your real estate professional. With still rising house prices in 2020, you want to know how best to position yourself in the marketplace against your competition and how to get your home sold ...

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