Selling A Distressed Home? How To Get Full Value Instantly!

March 16, 2020

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Selling a distressed home can present many unique challenges; however, getting full value instantly for your home in terms of offers should not be one of them. Many owners of our Bronx distressed homes (and owners of a distressed home in general) often assume the market value of their home is much less than what it actually is. Often times, people feel this way because they think the gut renovation cost to restore their distressed home to move-in ready condition is much higher than it really is, so they price their homes lower than they should.

In this video, we cover the importance of getting a professional equity assessment report (i.e., a home price evaluation) done by your real estate professional prior to taking your distressed home to market. Determining property value the right way from the beginning, often means a lot more money in your pocket from your home sale (especially your distressed home).

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