NYC HOMES – HomeFirst Down Payment Assistance Program – Up To $100,000 For Your Home Purchase

December 22, 2021

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In “NYC HOMES – HomeFirst Down Payment Assistance Program – Up To $100,000 For Your Home Purchase,” we discuss the HomeFirst program and how you may be able to receive up to $100,000 towards the purchase of your home, which is a game-changer in NYC real estate!! We also discuss general program eligibility as well as potential benefits and drawbacks of the program to see whether it may be a good fit for you. Even if the HomeFirst Down Payment Assistance Program is not for you, you can find other down payment assistance programs by using the link below and downloading the free guide I created.

DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE GUIDE: To download your free down payment assistance guide, please visit

LINKS: 1) HomeFirst Down Payment Assistance Program website:

2) Neighborhood Housing Services Website (NHS):

CHAPTERS: 0:00 – Intro 1:00 – How To Apply For The HomeFirst Program & Program Eligibility 4:50 – How Much Money Can I Get From The NYC HomeFirst Down Payment Assistance Program? 5:16 – Potential Benefits Of The HomeFirst Program 6:48 – Potential Drawbacks Of The HomeFirst Program 13:30 – Other NYC Down Payment Assistance Programs

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