How To Sell A Home: Step 9 – Easy, Relaxed Inspection

March 12, 2020

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As you may know, you will most likely have a buyer conduct an inspection when selling a home. The point of an inspection is for the buyer to determine what issues may be present in the home, negotiate for repairs to satisfy themselves (and the appraiser if a mortgage is involved), and have peace of mind as they move forward with their purchase. As a Bronx home seller (or seller from another area), your goal is to remove as many easily avoidable issues as possible to reduce the amount of items that can be brought from the inspection and to ensure that the buyers are as comfortable as possible during a time when they tend to be very nervous.

In this video, we go over inspection tips when selling a house, so you can preempt some potential issues that can come up during an inspection and improve your standing when it comes to negotiations over home repairs. As we continue along our home selling process from start to finish, we will come across many major pressure points. The inspection is definitely one of them, so we want to do our best to make sure we show our home in the best light possible.

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