How To Sell A Home: Step 8 – Supremely Competitive Offers Wanted

March 9, 2020

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After all our showings and open houses (assuming, of course, that we priced in the sweet spot and used aggressive marketing), we should be looking forward to having multiple offers on a house. We can now review the offer price and terms that each buyer has submitted and you can decide which offer you want to move forward with.

Picking the best offer for your house should not only be about price, but should also include the terms of the offer. In this video, we discuss some of the different points that help make a competitive offer. If the demand is strong and it is hard to choose between the offers we have received, you may even want to ask each buyer to submit their highest and best offer, which means they submit a second offer with the highest price they are willing to pay for your home and their best terms (typically, this means less contingencies to the transaction).

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