How To Sell A Home: Step 2 – Selling In The Sweet Spot

January 29, 2020

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How much is my house worth is a question you should have answered at your meeting with your real estate professional. With still rising house prices in 2020, you want to know how best to position yourself in the marketplace against your competition and how to get your home sold quickly and at the best price and terms possible.  

In this video, we cover one of my favorite selling a house tips, which I like to call selling in the sweet spot. The sweet spot is right around your home’s market value. By selling at your home value in 2020, you will be very competitive in your marketplace. Unfortunately, many sellers ignore their house price in 2020 when listing their homes and instead try to sell their homes for far above their market value. No matter how hot the real estate market may be, including the Bronx real estate market, your home can stagnate on the market when it is priced too high.  

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