How To Buy A Home: Step 12 – Free & Easy Estimate

Your loan estimate tells you important details about the mortgage loan you have requested. In this video, we go over what information is covered in your loan estimate, why you should review it, and what additional mortgage questions for your lender it may lead you to ask. If you have ...

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How To Sell A Home: Step 11 – Certified, Approved Contract

It’s finally time for the contract signing and down payment!! Your NYC Real estate attorney will explain the contract and disclosure forms to you in detail. If you have any questions at all regarding the contract (or how to sell a home in general moving forward), you should definitely ask ...

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How To Buy A Home: Step 11 – Easy or Confusing Application?

After the bank receives the fully executed contract of sale, they will begin the mortgage loan application process. You will need to complete and submit a formal loan application and provide supporting documents (to, amongst other things, verify your employment), which the bank will use to initiate the mortgage application ...

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