Is The Government Correct About My Home’s Market Value?

January 30, 2020

As a New York City homeowner, you should have recently received your notice of property value from the Department of Finance, which tells you the estimated property taxes you will have to pay for the upcoming year. This notice also informs you of your home’s “market value,” but please know that the value the government assigns your home is not necessarily close to being accurate.

In this video, we discuss the primary reasons that your notice of property value from the government DOES NOT necessarily provide you with an accurate sense of your home’s market value. It is important to clear up this myth for homeowners whether they are interested in selling and getting top dollar for their home, taking a cash-out refinance or home equity line of credit, or just interested in knowing their net worth.

NOTICE OF PROPERTY VALUE (NOPV): If you would like to access the NOPV for a home, you can access through the Department of Finance website:

PROFESSIONAL EQUITY ASSESSMENT REPORT: If you would like to receive a professional equity assessment report in order to know your home value in 2020, you can visit

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